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landingtree ([personal profile] landingtree) wrote2016-04-08 10:34 pm

I don't know what my name means, for I had it from a dream.

We have climbed for miles, and still we climb. On and on. The mountain doesn’t want to stop. It refuses to stop. When it stops it will have to let us go.

In the sky before us, like a smile, there is landingtree, and that is all the hope we need.

This was what I wrote. I no longer remember the dream I was writing about, except that it contained a city, some of which was upside down.

This, just now, is not a functional journal. I keep my memories on paper, which works better than my head. This is so as to have a face. Hello, I am the person who just added a haiku about onions to your thread, no, I am not a ghost... I haven't more than the faintest idea what landingtree is. I plan to find out someday, though.